I believe that service is an important aspect of becoming a complete person, becoming an active member in the life of your institution, and a way to become more engaged in your field. As a faculty member, graduate student, and private citizen I have strived to be actively involved in service at the community, departmental, college, and national levels.

Selected service (a full accounting appears in my vita)

Community Service

Member                                                                                                      July 2002- July 2011
City of Bloomington Telecommunications Council
Bloomington, IN

  • Vice-President 2006-2011
  • Auxiliary Chair 2005-2006

Professional Service

East Carolina University – College of Education

Chair and Member                                                                                     Fall 2012-October 2014
College of Education Awards Committee                                                 

  • Member (August 2012-October 2014), Chair (August 2013-October 2014)
  • Review of award candidates and providing feedback to nominees selected to be put forward as representatives from the college

Lora Wilson King Distinguished Professor Search Committee                     Fall 2013-September 2014

  • Aid in disseminating job advertisement
  • Review applicant pool and help to decide on short lists
  • Participate in phone and face-to-face interviews

Dean’s Advisory Council                                                                                    Fall 2012-May 2014

  • Departmental representative
  • Action items secretary (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Departmental Service
East Carolina University – Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education

Chair and Member
Departmental Curriculum Committee                                                                         Fall 2012-Present

  • Fall 2012-Present (member), Fall 2013-Present (chair)
  • Represent the curricular actions of the Instructional Technology unit
  • Review curricular actions by department

Chair                                                                                                                       Fall 2012-Present
Instructional Technology Program Portfolio Review and Revision Committee

  • Oversee changes to the Instructional ePortfolio requirements, rubric, and review process.

ePortfolio Coordintor and Review Organizer                                                       Fall 2012-Present
Instructional Technology Unit

  • Keep students informed of requirements, format, submission deadlines, and necessary revisions
  • Provide initial review of all submissions
  • Assign reviewers
  • Complete TaskStream and Office of the Registrar documentation of completion

National Service

Conference Planner                                                                                  November 2014-Present

Teacher Education Division representative
For the 2015 AECT International Conference
Indianapolis, IN
Association for Educational Communications and Technology

President-Elect                                                                                       November 2014 - Present
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Teacher Education Division

Conference Planner                                                                               March 2009-October 2009

Graduate Student Assembly representative
For the 2009 AECT International Conference
Louisville, KY
Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Association for Educational Communications and Technolog                   October 2009-October 2010
Graduate Student Assembly

President                                                                                            October 2008-October 2009
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Graduate Student Assembly

President-Elect                                                                                   October 2007-October 2008
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Graduate Student Assembly